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Spirit of Health is adept in many forms of massage therapies including hot stone, lomi lomi, hot stone, prenatal, and orthopedic. Right in our Cupertino studio, Cara pampers her clients looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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What is the benefit of Hot Stone Massage?
Bodies respond and relax naturally to heat. Using hot stone allows me to utilize localized warmth to help muscles relax and reduce pain. The hot stones are in motion they don’t create thee side effect of increasing blood to the area, an added benefit that avoids increased inflammation.
I’m a runner, and am preparing for a big race. When should I get a massage?
Get a relaxing massage 2 or 3 days before a big run so your muscles are flexible going into the run. It is also a good idea to get a massage after a run to help move the toxins and reduce inflammation as the body heals itself.
This is my first massage. What should I expect?
As part of the process, I use oil to reduce friction as I work to loosen tense muscles and joints. Most of my clients remove most (if not all) of their clothing, and then cover themselves under the sheet provided on the massage table. Throughout the massage, I work on different areas of the body at a time. Tailoring pressure to make sure you are comfortable, I’ll customize the massage to your special needs.
What is the vibracussor?
It is a percussion tool that is designed to break up scar tissue, calcium deposits and lactic acid that forms in the fiber of the muscle. It helps slow down the degeneration process associated with arthritis.
What are some of the benefits of massage?
Regular massage reduces stress, high blood pressure and cortisol levels in your heart. Muscles have memory, so when gett regular massage your body will remember its time to relax. Over time you will start to relax just by laying on the table in anticipation of the massage.
How often should I get a massage?
That is an individual decision. However it’s recommended to get a massage at least once a month in order to reduce stress in your body. For those will particularly stressful lives I recommend coming in more often. If you are recovering from surgery or an injury, frequency of massage is determined on a case by case basis.
How long should I book a massage?
Typically one an hour is enough time to work on your entire body. However, 90 minutes is preferred especially when you are experiencing a lot of stress or you want extra attention in certain areas. For example, those with demanding careers where they frequently sit in meetings or spend hours at a computer. The muscles in their neck, shoulders and back get extremely tight, and a longer massage allows time to focus on those areas.
What should I do after a massage?
Drink lots of water. Toxins like lactic acid are released from your muscles during a massage. By drinking lots of water you help your body to wash out those toxins and heal. For clients looking to increase flexibility and range of motion, I may also suggest stretching exercises.

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