Testimonials for Massage Service

“Spirit of Health is the BEST! I‘ve had many other massages to be able to offer a fair and experienced comparison. The atmosphere is peaceful and comfortable. I felt instantly welcomed and very much at home in their office. Not only do they have the mechanics of massage refined to near perfection, their sincere caring for their client radiates throughout the time spent with them. Spirit of Health gives a fantastic massage infused with genuine warmth, sincere caring, and a mother’s love.”

Stacy Martin, San Jose, CA

“I went to Spirit of Health on the recommendation of my chiropractor before I did the Avon 40-mile Walk for Breast Cancer. They knew exactly what to do to get my stiff  calves ready for the extensive training walks and the walk itself. Not only was I able to complete the walk, i was also able to climb Upper Yosemite Falls two weeks later. The combination of Hot Stone Massage, Orthopedic Massage and the Vibrocussor had me back on the trails in no time. Thank you Spirit of Health.

Julie Scopazzi, Los Gatos, CA

“As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have come across many massage therapists over the last 13 years. Many people want the results of deep tissue massage but the pain or discomfort makes them even more stressed than before they got on the massage table. Cara is unique in that she gives the nurturing relaxing and calming massage that also deals with deep tissue issues. She is able to get through layers of stress with a variety of techniques and designs a massage therapy specific to each client’s needs. I personally love the hot stone massage because it’s not a passive experience – she actually uses the heated stones to melt the tension out of my muscles as she massages them. As someone that uses my muscles every day to help other people, I have to say it’s nice to get rid of all that tension in a one and a half hour massage from Cara, instead of days or stretching and time off work. Thanks Cara for helping me and all my patients get better quicker and stay well longer. You rock!”

Dr. Kim ]ameson, DC, ART

“When I first walked out from getting a massage from Cara, I knew it was the best massage I had ever experienced. I have recommended her to others who had similar experiences.”

Elizabeth Guimarin, Campbell CA

“I love Cara’s massages. She deeply cares about the needs of her clients while attending skillfully to the massage. Can’t be beat”

Lana Foladare

“Cara is an amazing massage therapist! She surrounds her clients with comfort and warmth. Whether you would like Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, or the Hawaiian style of Lomi-
Lomi – she’s a true expert. I highly recommend her hot stone massage because she doesn’t just place heated river rocks on you, she uses the warmth of the stones to rub what feels like years of tension out of your muscles. She’s in California and I’m in Oregon now and her massage is high on the list of things I miss. Thanks Cara for all the great healing we’ve done! You are the best!”

Lynn Sechrest, Campbell CA

“Unlike most massage therapist out there, Cara really tries to understand your body before working on it. I have been to Cara several times, bought her gift certificates (which are absolutely sought after) for my girlfriend, her friends and even my mom! Everyone came out of the massage and slept well for nights after, completely relaxed. In our current society of non-stop action, a massage therapist like Cara is absolutely needed to stop us and enjoy the breathe of fresh air, smell of flowers and appreciate the folks around us. Thank you, Cara.”

Michael Soo, San Jose, CA

“Cara is a warm and caring woman who happens to be an expert masseuse. She knows what will make you feel good. She makes you feel welcome and puts you at ease. Whether you need an escape from stress or have a physical challenge, Cara can help you. Very highly recommended.”

Yvonne Hom

“Cara is an outstanding massage therapist. I have used her services personally as well as referred my patients to her. She has extensive training in a variety of techniques. I suggest you try her Lomi Lomi massage…it’s the next closest thing to being in Hawaii. Aloha!”

Nancy M. Burns, L.Ac
Valley Acupuncture

“Cara is a wonderful massage therapist. She takes time to get to know the individual needs of each of her clients. I walked out of my appointment with Cara refreshed and rejuvenated. Highly recommended!”

Sheri Kelly

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