Massage Techniques & Services

Esalen Massage

At the heart of each session there is a sense of empowering each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence, and balance, in order to awaken inner resources for healing. Esalen reunites the connection through the entire body with gentle rocking, passive joint exercises, deep structural work on the muscles and joints, and long, healing strokes to achieve energetic balance.

Lomi Lomi

A sacred Hawaiian holistic healing tradition, Lomi Lomi goes beyond simple massage. Typically performed directly on the massage table without bedding along with extra oil to reduce friction, it is practiced by native Hawaiian healers. Lomi Lomi practitioners apply extended strokes using their forearm, palms, fingers, knuckles and elbows. As a result, broader and deeper massage strokes are achieved which tend to better relieve stress.

Hot Stone

This specialty massage technique uses heated stones – typically basalt, a black volcanic rock – chosen because it absorbs and retains heat. Using hot stones on tight muscles allows them to surrender enabling the body to fully relax.


A patented tool, the vibrocussor focuses on muscle fiber to break up calcium deposits and other toxins, such as scar tissue from surgery or injury. Felt throughout the body, it focuses on preparing specific areas for other massage techniques.


Using a series of release techniques, orthopedic massage help muscles better prepare for a full-massage treatment. It is used in combination with other techniques to relieve tension and promote healing.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a specially-designed for pregnant women and is performed with the client lying on her side. A body pillow is used to help support arms and legs for added comfort during the treatment. Specific attention is given to the pelvic area to help prepare for the birthing process, as well as on the legs to lessen cramps that often accompanies pregnancy.

Seated or Chair Massage

Perfect for parties or corporate events, this massage technique can be easily done in an office or public setting. Special attention is given to the neck, shoulders and back, where most tension is stored. Chair massages also treat forearms and wrists, a particular problem area for people who use computers for extended periods of time.

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